Beibei Amigos begins teaching Mandarin and Spanish to children one year old and walking.

Enrollment is on-going through out the school year.

 Beibei Amigos, we understand that every child is unique, with individual learning styles and preferences. This is why we’re proud to offer two distinct toddler programs tailored to nurture your child’s holistic development: our Traditional Play-Based Curriculum and our Montessori Curriculum. Both programs are full immersion and taught in Mandarin and Spanish. 

 Traditional- Play-based learning

Our first language immersion program is built upon the Arizona Early Learning Standards, ensuring your child receives a high-quality educational experience that aligns with recognized benchmarks. Central to most traditional preschool curriculums is play-based learning. Recognizing play as the primary language of toddlers, preschools harness it as a powerful teaching tool. Through activities like puzzles, art, and imaginative play, children not only have fun but also hone their cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional skills. For instance, a simple sandbox can become a lesson in physics, social dynamics, and even creativity. 

 Montessori- Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of child-centered education. 

 The Montessori Curriculum stands out for its emphasis on individualized learning. This approach ensures that each child progresses at their own natural pace, allowing for personalized growth that neither rushes nor hinders them. At the heart of this method is hands-on learning, where children are encouraged to experience and engage directly with their environment, truly embodying the principle of “learning by doing.” One of the most distinguishing aspects of Montessori is how it actively fosters independence. Children are cultivated to be self-reliant, to make decisions, and to take responsibility for their actions. All of this takes place within a carefully prepared environment. Every element, from the furniture to the learning materials, in a Montessori classroom is intentionally chosen to be both stimulating and supportive, ensuring that each child’s learning journey is nurtured in the most optimal manner. 




Program Days: 3 half days up to 5 full days
Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm full days
9:00 am to 11:30 pm half days
Tuition: Paid monthly
$ 200 registration fee (non-refundable)
$64 Quarterly materials fee
Call to schedule a Tour at 602-996-4990

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