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Full Immersion

We don’t teach Spanish,Mandarin, English we teach in Spanish, Mandarin, and English !! BeiBei Amigos provides children with full immersion programs that build the foundations of language.

Give your child the gift of languages !!


Summer Camp

Why Language Immersion ?

The world is changing, and if we want to give our children an advantage for their future we need to think ahead. One skill that can give them leverage in the future job market is languages. If they can read, write and speak in the three most spoken languages in the world they are going to have a competency that no other children posses.

What is less commonly known is that such immersion also increases vocabulary growth in the native language and enhances overall cognitive development. Put simply, children who experience immersion learning acquire distinct advantages that go far beyond fluency in a second language. Immersion learners benefit cognitively, exhibiting greater nonverbal problem-solving abilities and more flexible thinking than their non-immersion peers. It has been suggested that the very processes learners use to make sense of the teacher’s meaning in a second language make them pay closer attention and think harder. These processes, in turn, appear to have a positive effect on cognitive development.

More than three decades of studies consistently have shown that immersion students achieve as well as, or better than, non-immersion peers on standardized measures of verbal and mathematics skills administered in English.

 After School

For children ages 5-17


Spanish and Japanese

Preschool Toddlers

TED Talk

The linguistic genius of babies

Dr. Patricia Kuhl

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751 E. Union Hills

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Avondale Campus

BeiBei Amigos is opening a west valley campus. If you are interested please contact us to reserve your child’s spot.

Ni Hao Amigos

19 N. Central

Avondale, AZ 85323


Franchising Available

No immersion schools in your area? Do you share the passion of giving our children languages? Then open up a language immersion school in your area.


Ready, Set, Grow: Doctor Patricia Kuhl on brain development in babies

BeiBei Amigos Language School summer program is designed for students ages 1-9 who interested in learning the Spanish and/or Mandarin Chinese languages and culture in a fun and engaging environment. Students can sign up for 1 to 9 sessions. Students will experience speaking, listening, reading and writing/grammar in the target language through the use of games, music, drama, arts & crafts, dialogs, and group and paired activities.

Dates: June 2nd to August 8th


$99 Children five to nine years old

Times: 9 am-3 pm

$179 Children one to four years old.

Times: 7 am-6 pm


Summer Camp !!